Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I Have No Children

Woman Delivers 17-Pound Baby

'Nuff said about that.

Surgery Update
Yesterday's surgery went well. I slept about 20 hours after I got home. The amazing thing is, I've been having a lot of pain in my left leg for the last few weeks and just chalked it up to the fact it isn't healing well. Nope. It was the infection. I feel so good today. I had no idea. Hurray!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yes, it SUCKS to be me!

The surgery I've been waiting and planning for has been postponed, but -- ooh, lucky me -- another surgical opportunity has popped up! I asked Dr. Furie to have a look at a lump near my incision site this morning. It concerned him so he referred to Dr. Mason to determine what it is. Turns out it's an infection that has abscessed and I need immediate surgery to remove all the bits. FUN. The best part is, this requires general anesthesia! So, I'll be at Atlanta Medical Center Wednesday morning at 6, preparing for another day in a drug-addled state. At least I'll be good to go tomorrow afternoon and back to my version of normal by Thursday.

Now, that my rant is over, I can relax. I do feel better now.

Another Delay

I'm really bummed this morning.

Today was my appointment with Dr. Furie where he was going to set a firm date for my final surgery. But, my CT scans show there is still a little unhealed fracture in my acetabulum, so Dr. Furie says we have to wait another month before setting the date.

I'd been internalizing a lot of my discomfort because I knew the surgery would take care of so much -- I figured another couple weeks and it would be over. Alas, I have to wait until the first of November to get this thing done.

I hope.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad Car-Ma

Earlier this week, I saw an accident happen. Yesterday morning, my friend Erin called to tell me she crashed her car, and last night a valet driver attempted a U-turn while parking my car and another car slammed into it.

What a week.

There I was last night, minding my own at a trendy downtown restaurant with some co-workers, giving our now-former colleague, Marie, a proper send-off. I'd only been there about 20 minutes when the valet people came to get me to talk with the police about my car. Obviously I'm not responsible for anything here, but the owner of the valet company tried to say he wasn't either.

It seems it was my driver's first day and he wasn't technically an employee. The valet owner nearly convinced the cops to arrest the kid for auto theft when I stepped in and explained that I gave my keys to a valid employee of his company. That employee gave me a ticket and I paid the valet fee. That employee MUST have given this kid the keys to my car and told him where to park it. So, yes, his company is responsible.

The cops agreed and cited the kid for unlawful U-turn and my good friend, Ashley, made sure the valet owner gave us all his insurance information. No one asked for mine and I didn't provide it.

My brand-new car is hurt pretty bad (the driver's side is crushed and the rear wheel is turned in and two airbags went off), but aside from some airbag burns no people were injured, so that's the important thing here. I called my insurance company and they said they'd take care of me and go after the other guys for their money, so I'm cool, if not a little put-out. I already have a new rental car, a much less-tricked out version of my own Mazda 3.

The thing that burns me is that I looked for handicapped parking first and when there wasn't any, I used the valet (there was no other option). And, I had to pay $5 for some kid to park my car on the street, not even in a real lot. What a scam.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

As a matter of pride, on the days I work in my downtown Atlanta office, I drive there on DeKalb Avenue. Why? Because that's where I nearly lost my life in the accident all those months ago: Being able to drive down that stretch of road makes me feel strong somehow, like I can lick any fear.

But, after this morning's commute, I won't be driving down DeKalb again for a while.

Not far after I passed the infamous Rocky Ford Road intersection where the middle lane changes direction depending on the time of day, I noticed a car in my lane ahead of me (that would be the right lane, because, I'm not so fearless as to drive in the middle lane and risk some other idiot coming at me from the other direction) that had its left blinker on.

We approached a stoplight and there were no cars in the center lane. When the light changed green, the car ahead of me pulled out just a little like he/she was waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. I just kept wondering what that person was thinking, making a left from the far right lane.

Just as the driver fully entered the turn, a car came from behind us and slammed into the car.

It appeared no one was injured, so I continued on. I know I should have stopped, since I was clearly a witness. But the fact is, being so close to that accident and watching it play out made me nauseous. I knew I'd vomit if I stopped.

Clearly, the car turning left was at fault.

But, this morning's accident happened to someone who, like me, was confused by the center lane directional change. Those roads are dangerous.

How many people need to die/get seriously injured and how much damage needs to be caused before the DOT finally puts an end to this practice?

As for me, I'm sending a letter to the DOT to complain about these dangerous roads.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Swallowing My Pride

I finally did it. I got a temporary handicapped parking permit for my car. It's pretty difficult for me to walk through grocery-store parking lots, and since I've been going out alone more and more I decided it was time.

I got an affidavit from Dr. Furie to verify that yes, indeed, I am injured. Then I took it to the DMV today to get the tag. After standing in line behind several other people using walkers and crutches (including a man who must be the oldest human driving), I handed over my ID and the affidavit, and minutes later had the permit.

I haven't used it yet, but I am sure it will come in handy in the very near future. Thank you DMV.