Sunday, October 22, 2006

SAFF: The Anticipation Is Killing Me!

I leave for the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair on Thursday this week. This will be my first visit to Asheville, NC, and my first time at the fair. I cannot wait! I'll be hanging out with sheep and llamas and alpacas for three days, learning new-to-me techniques like spindling and needle felting, and trying to limit myself to just a few new hand spun, hand dyed luscious yarns. I'm about to bust!

My friend Linda and her friend (I haven't met her) Ruth and I will be staying at some funky log cabin hotel and we are each responsible for a breakfast. I've seen what they are planning and let me just say I'll be eating breakfast this weekend. Blueberry pancakes with apple sausages and fresh juices and that sort of goodness. Me? My breakfast will be homemade muffins, probably whole wheat banana walnut, because I like muffins, and I really don't want to spend too much time at the cabin cooking when I could be at the fair!

It's also leaf season in Asheville, so I suspect we will be enjoying the fall color extravaganza!

I'll take some pics of my new alpaca friends to post on my return.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm getting old...

Did I ever mention the time when a man on MARTA asked if the project I was knitting was for my granddaughter? That was a shocker. I know it's true there are SOME 39-year-old women who have grandchildren. But, I vainly thought that no one would think that of me just to look at me. Clearly I was wrong.

I told him no, that the sweater was for me and kicked him in the nuts -- then I boarded the northbound train. The nerve of some people.

I knit every day, but lately I find myself thinking about knitting more. I was at a wedding last weekend in Centennial Park downtown and a woman I know wore a very cool kimono-inspired dress. My first thought was, "I need to make that kimono-inspired sweater pattern I have." First, though, I have to finish Len's college-boy sweater, my crazy lace shawl, the dog sweater for Devon with only one sleeve left, the fabulous alpaca arrows and cables sweater for me, and about 6 socks to complete 6 pair. Oh, and finish finishing the 4 almost-there sweaters I found when I finally cleared the guest room of the moving boxes. Then, there's the felting projects I have half done. Too much to do!

We have another wedding to attend next week. This one will be a very traditional Catholic affair with all the trappings. Stand up, sit down, stand up again... at least there will be an open bar.

I'm crankier every day. Where did this come from?