Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 349

Yesterday, several of my co-workers left for India for our company's big annual event in Asia. I have very little to do with this particular event, so I always stay here in Atlanta. Working in the office during this week is a lot like working between Christmas and New Years: Only a few people are here.

I closed the current issue of my magazine a few days ago and am in that lull between publishing cycles. Today, I finally got around to planting some plants for my new office (I'm on the other side of my building now and my window actually allows in light) and I've organized my files. I've even begun editing articles for the next issue and setting up interviews. Still, it feels like a lazy time.

Last year, when the folks were gone to the Asia event, I decided to work from home that Monday, which happens to be the day of the big crash. Several of my friends/co-workers were informed of the accident while they were in China. When I think of that, I wonder how it felt to be them. A friend, seriously injured, and you are half the world away. Kind of puts a damper on the trip.

Things are going very well in my recovery, by the way. Sure, some days I wonder if I'll ever feel perfectly fine again, but mostly I feel good. The numbness in my foot is decreasing and I don't have pain in my hip. I still have some discomfort, especially on cold days when I forget to get up and move around regularly, but I can see a real improvement in my range of motion. I'm starting to use the stairs normally, as in one foot in front of the other. And also when climbing stairs, I try not to use my arms as leverage. Best of all, I'm able to do most things around the house again, which probably makes Len a lot happier.

The accident has been such a huge part of my life, and now that what happened is no longer obvious, I wonder if folks who don't know me notice my limp. Do they see that I am damaged? Is it as imperceptible as I hope it is?

Frankly, I'm awfully grateful that these are my concerns. Because it could have been so much worse.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Trek to Target

Since the accident, I've done a lot of online shopping. The hassle of shopping when you are 'differently abled' is enough to keep a person glued to her keyboard. But, I had to make the big step sometime, and I needed some pots for some new plants in my office. So, I finally went to Target by myself for the first time since said accident. (Some of you might recall that I was on my way to Target to buy some underpants when I hit the big black SUV last year.)
Target did not have pots for my plants, but I did find some lovely new pajamas and socks and, yes, a package of those unlucky underpants. Who did I run into at the checkout line? Kim and Scott of Knitch fame. Kim related my story to the cashier and just had to stop and give me a hug for surviving this Target trip. The cashier stopped what she was doing and asked for a hug as well. It was a good time.
My trip home was uneventful.
As it should be.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Save the Date for the "Hip" Party!

I just confirmed the date and location for the Hip Party, the celebration of my new manufactured hip. It just so happens the event will take place four days shy of the one-year anniversary of my crash. I will upload more information soon, but if you want to celebrate with me, save the evening of Saturday, March 22.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Spinning Yarns

Ha! Spinning Yarns. I crack myself up.

I'll actually be spinning some yarns by Friday. On my very own spinning wheel!

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a beautiful Louet Victoria Wheel. It's six pounds of foldable spinning glory. I just can't wait until Mr. (or Ms.) UPS drops off that tee-tiny little package sometime on Friday. My roving is waiting to be turned into yarn!

Friday, February 01, 2008

What Would Jesus Say?

When I was in the eighth grade, my social studies teacher told me, in class, that I was going to hell because my family was Catholic.

Think about that a minute. I was a 13-year-old girl whose teacher announced would go to hell. WTF?!?!

This morning, some knitting friends sent me a link to a blog discussion about the Subway Token Mittens featured in the most recent Interweave Knits. Apparently, the blogger had seen an early version of the mittens and thought the cute little pocket was actually a flap the wearer would pull back when entering the NY Subway -- revealing an embedded computer chip. This gave way to all sorts of discussions about Revelations and Satan.

I've seen a lot of examples of bizarro religious ideas between the eighth grade and today, and I gotta say the crazies freak me out.

Who are you people? Why are you spewing your hatred at the rest of us? It's my understanding that Jesus was a simple man. He taught his followers to care for one another and to do good works for those less fortunate. So, where does all this fearful scary garbage come from?

Satan, perhaps?