Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Technology Problems

Wouldn't you know it: I had the same clunky old cell phone for three or more years and when I finally get a new, swanky hi-tech phone, it is one of the few in a defective batch. Yep, my new pink RAZR is one of the RAZRs that drops calls. ALL THE TIME. It was really annoying. So, I checked the internet to see if I could find out what to do about this problem, and Cingular's site tells me they are happy to replace the defective phones -- AT THE POINT OF PURCHASE. Trouble for me is, I moved last week from Seattle to Atlanta. Crap, I thought, I have to wait until Len goes on his next business trip back to his Seattle office to get a replacement. But wait, I had an idea -- maybe Cingular would take pity on me and let me do the exchange in Atlanta. I called, waited only a short time after navigating through their crazy system and was told, "No problem, we'll send you a new phone and include a pre-paid pack for you to send the old one back." Hurrah! It's a hassle to replace the phone, but these things happen. It's nice that Cingular has made it easy for me to make the exchange. Very refreshing!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some Alone Time

We're here in Georgia now. Four days, twelve states, two colds, and four dogs later, we are here. Len was sick the first day of the drive, so I started us off. It took 40 minutes just to get out of Seattle, since we left in the middle of morning rush hour. We drove over the mountains, through the desert, back over the mountains, through some snow, and all the while the hounds were quiet and calm. I'm not good at driving during inclement weather at night, so Len handled the driving after dark through the "chain-up" zones in the mountains.

We stopped that first night in Livingston, Montana at the Livingston Motel Inn. The proudly announced on their sign that they accept pets and horses. You read right, horses. The place had horse stalls behind the rooms. It was actually a really nice place, run by a husband and wife team. It was very clean and offered really every amenity available in the chain hotels and then some.

Days two through four featured lovely clear blue skies and almost no traffic problems. We stopped in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on night two, Blytheville, Arkansas on night three, and drove by Graceland on day four before arriving safe and happy in Albany.

Had we not both gotten sick this week, it would have been an uneventful cross-country journey. We're feeling much better, thank you very much, now that we've had loads of rest on comfy beds.

Suzy and Clark have been spectacular hosts -- never a dull moment in a house with nine dogs in residence! Yesterday we went downtown to participate in the annual Mardi Gras Pet Parade. I personally feel Devon should have won cutest pet, but some little girl's dog got that one. Ashley's greyhound, Kelsey, won best dressed, so we celebrated a victory in our group! And, for dinner last night, Clark made a fabulous jambalaya. Yum!

As I type, Len, Suzy, Clark, and their friend Fred are on a long bike ride (we couldn't fit two bikes on the car with the roof pod, so we only brought Len's bike). I'm home attempting to recreate my famous pizza for the troops. I'm having to improvise, since my Baking with Julia Child is stored in a box on a Graebel truck somewhere. We'll see how well I can do without Julia's guidance!