Thursday, August 28, 2008


Be careful what you wish for.

The Atlanta metropolitan area has been in a drought these last several years and the lakes and waterways surrounding the area have been diminishing and diminishing. As a result, we have instituted strict watering policies, residents have changed their car-washing habits, and shortened our showers, all in hopes of alleviating the water issues here.

Then came Kay.

Lake Lanier, one of the biggest lakes in the area, and a primary source of drinking water here, has risen 2.4 feet, the lake's biggest gain in two years. The lake is still 15 feet below full, but that 22 billion gallons it got last weekend really helps the problem. And with Tropical Storm Gustav on his way, the area is bound to get even more rainfall. The drought is by no means over, but this soaking is really important to the area.

Trouble is, not everyone wants so much water.

Down in southwest Georgia, roads are impassable, homes have been destroyed, and farmland has been seriously damaged -- all because of too much rainfall.

So, while we are celebrating our windfall of rain, our neighbors to the south are surveying their damage.



Betsy said...

That picture is exactly why I will never buy a used car.

Clark said...

I think you meant to say Tropical Storm Faye... We still haven't gotten to the "K" storm yet, although it seems we will soon enough. Faye was a non-event here, just a lot of steady rain, no flooding. My parents had a bunch of trees down, but no damage, although Dad reported he dumped 10" of rain out of his rain gauges over the course of the storm.