Monday, December 08, 2008

This Small, Small World

A few weeks ago, a nice lady sent me a message through my Etsy store and told me she loved my hand dyed fiber and asked if I would teach her to spin. She was so enthusiastic and I liked her e-mail presence so much, I told her yes, I'd be happy to show her the basics and if she wanted a real lesson afterward I know several people who would be great teachers (Sandy, you may be getting a call!).

Well, yesterday I drove out to Lawrenceville and met this nice lady for her spinning lesson. (Did I mention her daughter and I have the same first and middle name?)
Len joked that I would not be coming home, that my fiber stalker would kidnap me. He's right, of course. Who goes to a stranger's home based only on e-mail conversations? Apparently I do.

It was a great afternoon. And Gina is a natural spinner. She wants to spin sock yarn and showed me samples of handspun sock yarn that she had purchased from Etsy. Wow. Beautiful stuff, and really labor intensive. I was mighty impressed.

She seemed pretty disappointed with her progress, but in reality, her first hank of handspun is pretty fantastic. I loaned her my wheel for the week and I imagine she'll be buying her own before too long. She's coming by Knitch next weekend to return the wheel and potentially buy some fiber there.

Just helping to keep the crafting economy going!


Gotta Knit! said...

I'm sure Knitch will thank you. Sounds like you two had fun

Betsy said...

At least you didn't meet her on Craigslist or Facebook -- that usually spells trouble!

One day I'll learn to spin. One day ...

Hockey Mom said...

Why didn't I see this before? You go girl! Way to keep it going!