Thursday, December 04, 2008

By the time I find out about it, it can't be cool anymore..

I recently joined Facebook. I really don't know why I joined, but I will 'google' people I know every now and again and saw that Len had joined. So I did, too.

Haven't done a thing with it since, but I do intend to go rooting around in it sometime soon.

The weird thing is that since I joined, several people (that's three or more, folks)have told me how wonderful it is. Which makes me think it must not be cool anymore, since folks my age are getting into it.

I also joined twitter. That's because I got an e-mail from Knitch asking me to join. And, I do as I am told.

Keeping up with it all is surely going to give me headaches.


Gotta Knit! said...

To funny. I joined Facebook a little while ago but still slowly figuring it out. Keep meaning to add more photos.

I do as Knitch tells me too.

Hockey Mom said...

I'm on twitter! who are you? hummmmmm?

Megan said...

My Twitter name is meganmccann